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The question came during an Excel seminar in Tampa: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could copy the statistics from the status bar to the clipboard for later pasting to a range? I pressed the person who asked the question on exactly how the paste should work. Of course, you can not paste the statistics(...)
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A week ago, I was invited by Areef Ali to do three Excel seminars in the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At one of the breaks in the first day, one of the students in the class showed me the most perplexing problem in her Excel. She and her co-worker, both using two(...)
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Microsoft Excel MVP Charles “Fast” Williams just released V3 of his Fast Excel add-in. I had the opportunity to see Charles demo this product recently in Amsterdam and it blew me away. Today, Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast #1892 is a review of the Fast Excel add-in and shows some of my favorite features of the(...)
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If you are great at Excel and lousy at Photoshop, why not use the Excel SmartArt tools to rapidly create prototype graphics for your web designer? All you have to worry about is the message and Excel will make the graphics look good. Today, Episode #1891 gives you a start to the process. So, after(...)
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Change is nice. And no, there is no ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’ Podcast today… we’ve an article to read instead. Is your Excel work ‘chart Heavy’? Do you do a lot of Charting in Microsoft Excel? Curious about Charting in Excel 2013? Well, MrExcel is here to tell you that Charting improved greatly in Excel(...)
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Ryan has a Data Set where all of the fields are going down Column A and he would like to take this Column of Data back into a rectangular range. Normally, I would use a Macro to do this, but today, a single INDEX Formula copied through the Range does the trick. Check it out(...)
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There are too many ways to copy Charts from Excel to PowerPoint. Do it wrong, and the person with your PowerPoint can access the entire Excel Workbook. Ever since Office 2010, I prefer using the Screen Clipping Tool to get a perfect representation of the Chart. This tool is great for copying screenshots from the(...)
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I used to solve this problem with Home, Find & Select, Go To Special, Blanks, OK, 0, Ctrl+Enter. There is a much faster way, using Ctrl+H, as shown today, in Episode #1888. …This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010 from MrExcel. Download a new two minute video(...)
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Phoebe from Florida has a Spreadsheet where Gridlines are missing from just one section of the Worksheet. Today, Epsidoe #1887 of the ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel’ Podcast offers two theories on how that happened, how to fix it, and, since we are covering Gridlines, how to toggle Gridlines off and on for the whole Workbook(...)
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When you run your Data through PowerPivot, you can not group daily dates up to Months & Years as you can with a regular Pivot Table. Today, Episode #1886 shows how to use a Calendar Table to group and sort in Power Pivot. Learn More about PowerPivot, Excel and the real Power of Tables in(...)
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Does that really say, ‘Shenanigans’? It does. Have you ever discovered crazy steps that will actually cause the Macro Recorder to work? Today, in Episode #1885, Bill shares his way to have the Macro Recorder successfully record the AutoSum. But, he is looking for a way to use the Macro Recorder to record a Sort… …This blog is(...)
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DRM-Free Day, Mystery Spaces in Excel and Free Stuff Today! Read On! Mysteriously, some Excel Cells are showing a leading space. But when you Double-Click to edit the Cell, the leading space disappears! The Cells are left-justified, no indent. What is causing this problem? Follow along with Bill as he examines the issue and discovers(...)
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Today’s question for Duel 158: “You have to rent rail tank car #123 for a 3 month period. The daily rate changes twice ; once in May, and once in June. Given the start date, end date, and the rate changes, how can you calculated the total rental charge or average per day?”  In response(...)
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On Sheet 1, you have Customer Data with Subtotals added by the Subtotal command. On Sheet 2, you have a list of Customers. How do you do VLOOKUP from Sheet 2 to get the Total for each Customer from the Data of Sheet 1? This question was posed during my Fort Wayne seminar. In Episode(...)
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I love doing Power Excel Seminars!  I was in Fort Wayne, doing a Seminar at a Baseball Stadium, when a question popped up: “If I Double-Click on Sunday, it automatically fills down with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Will your Ctrl key trick work to make it Copy? I don’t want to have to use the pop-up(...)
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