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Today in Duel 157, Mike and Bill look at completed project records. If any record for the project is marked Finished, highlight all records for that product in green. Bill and Mike try different methods, such as COUNTIFS, LOOKUP, and Conditional Formatting. Episode #1877 shows the methods – follow along! Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used(...)
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In case you missed it, on April 22-24, 2014 Bill “MrExcel” Jelen will be in Bentonville, Arkansas to meet up with Michael Alexander on put on a great Business Intelligence Boot Camp Seating is limited and it is coming down to the wire – check it out! Back
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Suppose that you want to use some VBA to save a file to the Desktop. But what is the real Path to the desktop? It is not C:\Desktop\. In today’s Episode #1876, Bill shows us an arcane Function “= INFO” to return the Path of the current Workbook. …This blog is the video podcast companion(...)
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Bill serves up an ‘Out of This World‘ treat today! In Episode #1875, NASA’s Steven Cox explains how he used Excel’s Shapes and Hyperlinks to Prototype a Rocket Launch System in Excel. For information on NASA Social visit the “NASA Social” website here.  To view more from the event, visit: NASASocial SpaceX3 Here Alloy Jared on(...)
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Something a little different today as Bill switches to the iPad for some Excel-lent entertainment and this is what he reports today in Episode #1874 “I am very impressed with Excel for the iPad. Today, a 20-minute deep dive into Excel for the iPad (Episode #1874) to see which features are supported and which are not.(...)
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“PowerPivot Alchemy: Patterns and Techniques for Excel“ “PowerPivot Alchemy [by Bill Jelen and Rob Collie] is far less ‘techie’ than other PowerPivot books…all you have to do is follow the pattern, and you will have something awesome to show for your time and attention.” —Bill Jelen, MrExcel.com PowerPivot is an amazing new add-in for Excel(...)
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Rekha viewed ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel‘ Episode #655 where I used Group Field in a Pivot Table to create a year-over-year report. But Rekha needs current month from last year, current month from this year, variance, then YTD through current month from last year, YTD this year, variance. Urgently. In Excel 2010. While this would(...)
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In Duel #156 we have a list of debits and credits. For each amount, match it with the next matching negative amount. After doing all of the matches, find the items without a match. In Episode #1872 Bill uses VBA and Mike uses some clever math. Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used to solve everyday Excel(...)
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Catherine is building a risk assessment tool in Excel. She needs to add 200 checkboxes to a worksheet, but this is a daunting task to do manually. Today, Episode #1871 shows a way to do checkboxes without using Controls. A little Wingdings and 8 lines of VBA are all you need. …This blog is the(...)
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Sunnee asks if there is a Formula for identifying people who were tardy more than three times within an eight week period. Provided the Data is sorted from earliest to latest, the Formula in Episode #1870 will solve the problem. …This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 2007 through Excel 2010(...)
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Today’s Podcast is Duel #155: “Trying to write an insane Formula to solve another poorly formatted Spreadsheet.” Although elusive, Array Formulas can be used to solve everyday Excel problems. If you need to figure out how many times your birthday fell on a Friday, an Array Formula can solve that. If you need to return(...)
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Enter a product on Sheet 1. You want a VLOOKUP Formula to grab the description from a Lookup Table on Sheet 2. However, if the product is missing from Sheet 2, you want Excel to stop, ask for the correct description, and then add that to the Lookup Table so future entries for this product(...)
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Every once in a while, you run into ugly Data Sets and this one qualifies.  In ‘Dueling Excel’ Episode #154, we find that someone decided it would be brilliant to put the text category and the sales amount in a single cell such as “WXYZ123″. Today’s duel is how to get the total sales for each(...)
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Mike asks how he can hide 100 lines of Text from Word in a single Excel Cell. When the Cell is selected, the Text will appear. Episode #1866 shows one way to do this using Cell Comments. There are likely other ways – Do you have a suggestion? If so, please post how you would(...)
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Power Excel: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Presented by: Bill Jelen, aka “Mr. Excel” Live Event! COURSE OVERVIEW: You use Excel 40 hours a week, but do you really know how to unleash the power of Excel? Learn cool secrets and tricks lurking on the Data menu. Learn the ins and outs of Pivot Tables (from the guy(...)
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